Iskra Lawrence on Self-Love, the Hardest Parts of Motherhood and the $11 Mascara She Can’t Quit
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“It’s finding ways in everyday life, in the mess, in the chaos, in the darkness to be like this is me, and I’m really special.”

Iskra Lawrence does it all, and she’s honest about all the ups and downs that come with that. As if being a widely beloved model, founder of Saltair and Self Funding and an advocate for body acceptance wasn’t enough, she added a baby into the mix this year. Ahead of The BodCon 2022, a virtual conference on February 17 focused on body confidence where Lawrence is a spotlight speaker, we caught up with her. She shared advice on how to use social media productively and the baby steps to take to fall in love with yourself. Lawrence also got candid about how modeling has shaped her life, the guilt that comes with motherhood and more.

You’ve long been a proponent of body positivity. How has the space grown since you first started and where does it still need to evolve?

“I use the term ‘body acceptance’ because I originally didn’t know the difference, and I was lucky enough to get educated online. I feel like there’s a constant evolution of understanding movements. I think that there is more visible representation now, but there still isn’t representation higher up in boardrooms, people who are getting to make the decisions about the representation, and so I think that long term, I just hope to see that the people at the top are able to share their power a little bit more. And of course, it’s more about the policies than anything.

There’s so much you can do about representation and diverse campaigns, but if policies don’t change and become more inclusive, if we don’t get better access for people with disabilities, if we don’t change the system that is still set up to be racist, there’s only so far we can push. So I think that it really comes down to getting more people represented in positions of power and doing that by hopefully supporting our youth to know that they can be in positions of power, and just really showing people that there’s more they can do than just being the visible representation. There’s the actual work behind the scenes that’s also very important.”

What is a self-care ritual that makes you feel empowered?

“So, weirdly, during my postpartum journey, I really lost my sense of self and I stopped showering. I literally got to a place of feeling so messy that I didn’t shower for days on end, and that made me feel even worse. So, honestly, the most simple thing that I find changes how I feel about myself is jumping in the shower, and that’s why I created Saltair because I really thought that it was a powerful moment for myself. I’ve cried in the shower. I’ve had big ideas in the shower. I’ve just felt this solitude in a good way, like escapism. So that, for me, is a really powerful form of self-care. Just simply getting up in the morning and showering and just giving yourself that fresh start to just think, ‘Okay, today’s gonna be a good day. I’ve got lots of things to do. Let’s not let it overwhelm me, but let’s just think it’s exciting.’”

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February 26th, 2022

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