Beauty Disruptors: Meet 12 People Changing the Beauty Industry for the Better
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Iskra is featured in Allure’s “Beauty Disruptors: Meet 12 People Changing the Beauty Industry for the Better”. Here’s what they wrote about her:

Iskra Lawrence

Body-shamers and comment trolls beware: This model is not afraid to take you on. Iskra Lawrence (left), 27, deemed somewhere between “not skinny enough” and “not big enough” by several modeling agencies, decided: You know what? That is totally normal.

“Once you accept yourself — and find beauty in that — you have all the power. I want to inspire people who don’t feel accepted,” she says. Now she’s giving beauty standards the middle finger by daring to be shot unfiltered. “Retouching made me feel like there were problems with my body that I hadn’t even thought about—the size of my thighs or a random freckle,” she says. You’ll spot her in her underwear, unretouched, in Aerie ads. Or running her own app that offers her tips for healthy, forget-the-haters living. — Loren Savini


April 18th, 2018

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